How to hire the right people for your business

Hiring the right people for your business can seem like a daunting task. How can you be sure if your workers will stay longer than expected and not jump ship sooner than you expect?

You have enough reason to be concerned about it because employee attrition can be one of your biggest headaches if you don’t play your cards right. According to current statistics from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average of three million Americans quit their jobs every month using data collected from June 2017. Imagine that much people voluntarily leaving their jobs and for valid reasons. Naming the top three reasons for attrition are the lack of proper on-boarding processes for new hires, failure to set clear and proper expectations of workers and management issues. You might be surprised to find out other problems hound the workplace other than the lack of financial wellness programs for employees.

Attrition also comes at a high price.
The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) revealed in a study that an employer –on average- spends between six to nine months of a worker’s salary to hire and train a new replacement. A separate research conducted by the Center for American Progress seemed to support the SHRM’s findings, where it found that it costs an average of 16% of a worker’s hourly pay for unsalaried workers up to 213% for a well-trained management post.

Identify the roles that need to be filled and specify work roles
Make sure that you lay down the work description and be specific with the work roles that you require. By doing this you may be able to narrow your choices for the proper skill sets you need for the job. You may be able to properly align the goals and objectives for the job and be able to craft your checklist when interviewing or appraising applicants for the role. Be critical about asking applicants to elaborate on a work role that you have in mind to check for experience and do role plays to check for veracity of their claims.

Set clear and proper expectations
Always make sure to set clear and realistic goals with applicants even when just presenting the work role. Be prepared to let the applicant ask questions for clarification so that proper expectations are clarified and laid down clearly.This is essential to let you know if an applicant also expresses an interest in the work role.

Involve veteran or top employees in the hiring process
It would be good practice on your part to involve some of your veteran workers to take part in the hiring process. This has two-pronged effects on both your employee and applicant. This is a good morale-booster for a veteran worker knowing that they can be trusted to take on a role that is critical to the workplace or organization. This can also create a sense of accountability on the worker to mentor an on-boarding worker considering that he or she played a role in hiring a successful candidate. For the applicant, this creates a good and lasting impression on a workplace culture that gives importance to workers on roles and responsibilities that could also be theirs in the future. Always make it a good point to ensure that you provide a good hiring system and create a mechanism to let you know how to hire and retain the best people in your organization.